Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hand Painted Scarf

I am all into hand painted scarves. I paint them myself. takes about a week to finish, and looks exquisite too... Will post pictures here later, and anyone can place orders with me.

Of course, I am selling them... Rs. 800/- each.

Bye for now, will be back with pictures later...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Where in the world are you?

Hmm... so just check out where you live, and who your neighbours are too!

http://www.wikimapia.org/ (Right click to open in new window)


Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Mother of all 'Fwd's.......................!

Got this SMS from a colleague this morning! Hearty laugh on this one...

'If you love your mother, and want to add 30 more years to her life, then send this SMS to 10 people, even to me. Do not break this chain, because every time the chain is broken, 5 years are taken off from your mothers life. If you love your mother even more, sent this SMS to 20 people, and add 60 years to your mothers life. This is true. I just forwarded this to 20 people, and now my mother who is 60, will live for another 60 years!'

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

While in love...

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Branding on Google Earth!

So... this Google Earth is so cool now, more specifically the Chennai area... the map is clearer and one can get closer still to see small cars.

And I was thinking, it will be a great idea to have branding done for your company or self, all FREE!

Heres how you do it.

What appears on Google Earth is the top of buildings, the terraces. So each of these terrace areas can be painted with a Logo or name big enough to cover the whole terrace, and can be viewed on Google Earth! (Google Earth is updated continuously, it seems)

So, if you are a shameless self PR person by nature, you can have your Mobile number painted LARGE on your terrace, and Voila! FREE advertising!! Or what about big corporates, they have an even bigger terrace, so their logos can go on top of their building terraces... and how easy to locate the place on Google Earth and what more... it comes with FREE publicity!!

P.S. - Out roads and public places are so full of advertisement signs... Visual clutter at its max! On the contrary, from Google Earth, it is all so clean and neat. So green and natural. It should be our mission to invade this area to pollute the look with more branding, branding and branding!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Lazy Vs Smart

Are lazy people the really smart ones? I certainly believe so. Because they are soooooooo inventive...!

Yeah... lazy people... They find quick ways to get things done. Their minds work crooked and wicked at times, to get things done their way. Why do you think women cry!! It is the easiest way to get things done from men! (What am I doing, revealing long kept secrets from the womens closet??!)

So, this woman friend of mine has twins OK... and she is one tired woman, running behind her twins, both one year old boys! The most troublesome times are when she has to run behind four small speeding feet in all directions with a bowl of rice to feed them! Ever frustrated and weary!

So what does this mother do these days? She lets the twins starve a little generally by playing with them catch and run... gets them hungry, and then feeds them. Now, the rice bowl is empty in minutes! And we all call her lazy woman, and how smart she is!

This other woman I know, she rides a two-wheeler... Scooty. So, there is this huge parking lot at her office where all park their two wheelers. The bikes are all parked in one row, all facing the wall opposite. In the evenings when it's time to go back home, there is a lot of rush and chaos at the parking lot, with each one reversing and trying to remove their bikes all at the same time.

But this woman, as she is smart, has absolutely no trouble! Why? Co'z she parks her scooty already reversed in the morning everyday! She claims it is easier to spot her vehicle, as it is the only one facing the opposite direction, and she comes out easily than the rest amidst all the confusion. Clever one there again.

The kitchen is the place to be most creatively lazy! I know a family where the husband is so busy and doesn't spend time out with family. So this woman, when the mixer got conked, just never bothered to get it repaired, but started using so much of grinder. Then the grinder got conked, she did'nt bother to have it repaired... and she used a lot of Toaster... then even the toaster got conked. No repair again. Now, the family runs to restaurants more often than before, and they enjoy being with the family too! Quite and expensive idea too... but good results!

From my end, kudos to all lazy women out there... get more creative!

Psychoanalysing Freud

I think everyone should read Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) at least once in their lives. He was such a revolutionary in his times, in terms of thought and ideas that he proclaimed. A fore-runner in developing psychoanalysis, he studied the human behaviour and thought from the root of its occurances, from man's past experiences and sexual origins, which was never attempted before. Agreed, he was a little ahead of his times, but nevertheless, an original thinker.

To enlighten further, firstly, Freud himself was very much a Freudian - he was a step-child to begin with, his father had two sons by a previous marriage, Emmanuel and Philip, and the young Freud often played with Philip's son John, who was his own age. Freud's own self-analysi originated in the emotional crisis which he suffered on the death of his father, and the series of dreams to which this gave rise. This analysis revealed to him that the love and admiration which he had felt for his father were mixed with very contrasting feelings of shame and hate.

Particularly revealing was his discovery that he had often fantasised as a youth that his half-brother Philip (who was of an age with his own mother) was really his father, and certain other signs convinced him of the deep underlying meaning of this fantasy - that he had wished his real father dead, because he was his rival for his mother's affections. This was to become the personal basis for his theory of the Oedipus complex.

Whatever said and done, reading Freud is a experience in understanding. He throws so much light on emotions and behaviours and interprets all of them in such a way, that you come to believe that nothing in this world is wihout a reason. Every thought spring of humans has a reason and meaning behind, the thought motive may be good or bad, but definitely with a reason.

Understanding what is called 'bad' is also no longer bad to the one who has understood, as you begin to empathise with the thought more than the thinker. Knowing Freud the person and his works and writings, is like knowing who you are, your thoughts are, and why you think the way you think. There are no rooms for conflicts in minds, because of the underlying purpose to understand the human thought.

The world will be more peaceful, if only we all understood the thought behind the person rather than the person. More on Freud later.

Friday, June 02, 2006

About Nothing

Today... I have nothing to write.